Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Stitcher's Wardrobe: Cardigan Sweater

Winnie Autumn, named for the shoreline of Lake Winnipesaukee in the fall
One of my hopes with this year's project was to use up some of the materials I had in my stash. Originally I had three skeins of dark blue wool for the main part of this sweater, two variegated blue skeins for the yoke, and a ball of creamy white for highlights. But on second look, the variegated blue was not quite right, so I dyed one, two, three, four more skeins until I had the right grey-blue. 

In the meantime, I dyed four multicolor skeins for the fun of it (herein lies my materials issue). I liked them so well I incorporated them into my design. In case you've lost count, I had five skeins and one ball, and I dyed eight more. I used about five to complete the sweater. There was a net gain in materials.

The construction of this sweater is unusual: I cast on provisionally at the yoke, worked down five rows, split for the sleeves and body, worked the sleeves and body, and then picked up the stitches at the provisional cast on and resumed the yoke in the opposite direction. Why? So the dipped stitches (the points) could reach into the dark blue body of the sweater from the yoke and the hems. And because I'm a knitter.

Checking in on my year's To Do list, I have some work on the horizon: 

Old skills: Hand knit and write patternsmachine knitscreen print, sew on the Berninaserge with the Husqvarnaserge and mock chain on the Siruba, acid dye, *fiber reactive dye, weave, *spin, paint, full or felt, trim, thriftreclaim or refashion.
New challenges: Discharge print, design my own fabric at Spoonflower, embroider, crochetpompom & tassel, applique & patchwork.
Garments: Cardigan sweater, sweater vest, pullover sweater, scarfhatmittens, coat, dressshirtskirt, *leggings, tee, pants, *socks, slip, undershirt, bike shorts, apron, handkerchiefand brooch.
* work in progress


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Net gain: beautiful sweater.
I suspect you're going to hit your goals.

Mary Lou said...

Net gain in materials - very funny. That is a beautiful sweater. Keep checking that list.

Kirsten said...

Ack! Such a gorgeous sweater and beautiful use of color.

Kristy said...

I love the colors! It puts me in mind of the fall tree foliage along the edge of a deep blue lake.

judy said...

Ha Ha! Once again, another beauty!