Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Stitcher's Bender, Part 2

Here at home I have a well appointed studio, but I am often distracted by life's everyday events and duties. The Artist in Residence position at Searsport Shores helps to focus my attention for the week, and re-calibrates me when I arrive home.

When I wasn't helping others with their stitching last week I was cruising along with my own stitching.

Monday I stitched a dress with an elastic waist. The top is cut from some thrifted cotton, the bottom is cut from a linen blend. This dressform is seemingly a size 0. I am not. The bulk of the dress is clipped up behind her.

Tuesday I stitched a denim skirt, a copy of a favorite. 

Wednesday I stitched a buttoned shirt.

Thursday I stitched a smock.  I knit the slub cotton scarf on my knitting machine on Sunday evening, and the pin is a gift from Thea. I've worn this shirt three times since, easily my favorite.

Friday I stitched a mustard linen skirt. I am convinced mustard goes with anything. The scarf was knit on Thursday, and the sleeveless shirt was stitched at home just before my trip.

And when I was all stitched out I wandered the campground, a lovely mellow place.

Puff the Magic Dragon sung by the Airstream people.
I hope you take some time to focus on your stitches this summer. 


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Love it all. The smock with the scarf is fabulous and the mustard and purple is too.
Next week is my 3 day stitch retreat (its a DIY DIY retreat with a sister and a friend). We'll see how it goes...

Ellen Mason said...

Hooray! Have a great time!

Sharon said...

Sorry I missed you -- I was hoping to come play but had to go "home" unexpectedly. Mustard is the new black :-)