Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Stitcher's Bender, Part 1

Searsport Shores Ocean Campground was my home last week as Artist in Residence. It was a super productive week of stitching for me and many campers as well. Today I'll share photos of some of the campers' work. I regret not snapping a picture of every item that walked out the door -- there were some outstanding stitches!

Abbie made a lap blanket for Shaila.

Shaila made a penguin.

This is the studio busy with stitchers. The theme of the week was to celebrate the humble stitch.

Michael made a goober ball.

Avery loved the goober ball.

Elise made a sea star.

Avery's stitches were so beautiful we photographed them before turning her bear right side out. 

And her bear wears a custom sweater.

Elise made a whale.

Grace made this chubby bear that made my family say "Ohmigod, it's so cute!"

Elise fashioned two sweaters for her pinkguin.

Ella jumped right in to hexagon piecing and appliqued it to a pillow.

Sarah made this mouse with a fondness for cheese.

Avery stitched a butterfly.

Maggie's blue bear is wearing a sarong knit by Amy. 
This is Amy's first knitting. Ever!
Maggie is a champion stitcher with a big future in stitching if she wants it. 

I fixed a hole in the screen.

Many more inspiring projects were produced by stitching families from New Hampshire, Indiana, and Indiana (I met two families from Indiana in one day -- they did not know each other, and they both had daughters that showed hogs in 4H). 

Thanks to all for a grand week! I am feeling industrious and I hope you are too.

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Mary Lou said...

Sigh. Looks like a great week.