Monday, March 17, 2014

A Stitcher's Wardrobe: Shirt

A simple shirt that ticks many boxes. The fabric is from the Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary Fabric Sale (I'm sorry I cannot find links for this). Thrift, check. I sewed most of this on my regular sewing machine (check), and finished the edges on my serger (check). There are four more of these cut. I enjoy the cutting part.

The buttons are plastic and vintage, from Concord Antique Gallery.  Amy and I have been known to spend many hours there, as well as a couple of bucks.

In other news, and without my own photo evidence, I spent Saturday afternoon at the Common Cod Fiber Guild's FiberCamp Fashion Show.  It was a great opportunity to share my work and meet a lovely crowd of knitters, and I always jump at the chance to spend time with other designers. Everything looks even sunnier after a visit with dear friends. Here are some photo links from Baby Cocktails, and also from Sheeri.  Julia Farwell-Clay put the show together, and she did a bang up job. Thanks Y'all.


Stewart A. said...

Love that! What pattern did you use?

Ellen Mason said...

Thanks! The pattern started as Butterick 6085. I have enlarged the neckline, reshaped the collar, added shoulder darts and a facing. I love the pattern tweaking part!

craftivore said...

You had such a complete collection look at the show, it was inspiring! And your handbag's contents are a marvel. ;) Thank you for road tripping and all the good times last weekend, all the laughter is good for the soul.