Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Stitcher's Wardrobe: Hat

A scrap happy beret, with a loop-dee-loop on top.  This is one of many ways to use multicolor variegated yarn.  I'll be teaching a Dozen Ways to use Variegated Yarn at Fiber College this year. Class registration opens on April 1st! Do come join me, the class list is fantastic.

In other news, my household is currently a furniture vortex. My Mom downsized to a lakeside condo last year, and we are slowly moving seven lifetimes of goodies out of the family farmhouse and barn. This bookshelf was built for my brothers by my Dad.  It housed books, a potato chip bucket of crayons, and a Habitrail for their gerbils, which was never-ending entertainment for the family dog.

Inky, bad dog.
The bookshelf was eventually demoted to magazine storage in the barn. I recently dragged it home, cleaned and painted it, and promoted it to my bedroom.

And this week we sold our old house/camp up in the Great North Woods, partially furnished (phew).  Still, there are favorite items for which I need to make room.  And when I decide to move a credenza into the house, six other pieces of furniture get moved. And I may as well paint, because moving the furniture reveals grubby walls and inefficient use of space.

Maybe vortex is not the right word.  Furniture Tetris, that is what I'm playing.


Starcroft said...

Who needs tell tale signs like pussy willows & robins, Ellen is Spring cleaning/rearranging/sorting!!! Yay! It's Spring!! Soooo... you're done at your house....

Mary Lou said...

Furniture tetris, I like that. We call it 'mission creep' around here. Painting turns into plumbing, into carpentry, into your step!

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

In my house it's more like Furniture Django, I pull out one piece and it all teeters for a bit and then suddenly all is helter skelter.

ps I love your new tag line and banner and that you are using Ellen Mason Design.

pps also love the hat.

Patty said...

Good old Inky. He never met a hand he wouldn't bite.