Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dress + Cardigan: Confessions

I am (a little too) far ahead in the dress sewing part of my Dress + Cardigan Project.   I am nervous that I will somehow lose track of what I have sewn and when, and so I have put together a tidy little system, as follows:

I cut out swatches of the fabric used to identify the dresses.  I worked on CorelDraw making these darling little sticker labels with perfectly aligned descriptors and lines that mimic a 3 by 5 card.  They are little masterpieces, yes?  Yes.

Now, lest you feel a twinge of inadequacy due to my mastery of organization, listen up:  The sticker paper has lost its sticky - might be due to its creation dating back to the dark ages.

It is after 2:00 and I am still in my pajamas.  The dishes are still waiting to be washed.  I had other goals for this day that made way more sense.

And so I am quickly re-evaluating and making a panicky to-do list of shame, that includes suitable clothing, dishes, sweater math, a delicious supper plan that makes me look like SuperMom,

... and reprinting those darling labels onto cardstock and sewing them onto the swatches!


Jani said...

bold confessions! the organizing, the card re-do, the jammies. you are my hero.

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

What Jani said!

Mary Lou said...

Zipper in the side is too short. Love it.

craftivore said...

Whoa, that is super organized, dishes be damned. If I worried about all the housekeeping I would never do anything creative.

Lee said...

I love the concept of a to-do list of shame! Cause that's really the only thing that ever motivates me to write a list. :)