Monday, May 16, 2011

Star Date: 510.11

I drove to Blacksburg, Virginia Tuesday last week to move my daughter back home for the summer.  One thousand six hundred two miles round trip, and the invisible company of knit podcasters.  Luckily, I was bringing home a tired girl and some dirty laundry, not an entire fuselage.

Arrived home Thursday night and performed some mad sewing skills for the prom.  My son's (darling) date donated the stole/scarf that came with her gown, and I turned it into a coordinating vest on Friday before and after driving to Logan Airport to retrieve The Big Guy from a long business trip.  Also went to Ikea when My Guy's travel plans were delayed.  

I remarked to my husband on Saturday night that I hadn't had a moment to get all giddy about New Hampshire Sheep and Wool. Carded some wool to spin for the NH Spinners and Dyers Guild Demo.

Forecast: Rain.  Sunday packed up my wheel and my knitting and a waterproof pair of green wellies.  Demonstrated what good fun spinning can be, even if you're a noob like me.

Met Gwen's llamas.
(note to self: don't forget dentist's appointment on Wednesday)

Scored some Green Mountain pumpkin wool - I love the depth of color they achieve by using a grey twist as a base.

Picked up Stitchy's book (headache-hilarious) and was able to visit with her briefly.  Stitchy picked up a (heavy) knitting machine.

More sparkle from Leslie Wind, a twist-on fastening scarf pin.  It's for when I need to be spectacular. (note: my Mom made the scarf.   I know, right?).  I was so tempted by Leslie's silver darning needles (featured in Vogue Knitting!), but I do very little seaming in my knits. 

This is Mad Color's Indulgence in Pharaoh's gold.  The label says superwash merino, but I doubt it.  I think it's made of butter.  And a trampoline.  Mad Color used to be known as Serenknity.  I think we can all see that a name change was in order (especially if you've seen the booth).  This will be a hat, possibly a cowl, but more likely a hat.

Photo heisted without permission from Tammy
Tammy who carries a Star Trek notebook
 and inspired the theme of this post. 
Tammy who is so very charming. 
 Had a lovely visit with Misa, who wore orange wellies.  We hit almost every puddle, ate delicious Egyptian food, and petted all yarns orange and yellow/green. Ball and Skein had a consistently busy booth, but they somehow always find time to make me feel special. 

Today I could not get out of my own way.  Tomorrow will have more bounce.


craftivore said...

How cute are those dudes in their suits!?! Killer job on the vest too. I had a wonderful day with you in the rain at NHSW, thanks for palling around with me. Must remember to jump in puddles more often.

Kathy said...

Love the vest!!! And I agree about Heather's color --- Mad AWESOME!!

magnusmog said...

The Prom boys look so smart, I hope they had a blast!