Thursday, May 5, 2011

No Good Deed (or bad) Goes Unpunished

I keep my ipod loaded with knitting podcasts.  There are several I enjoy, including WEBS' Ready, Set, Knit!, KnitPicks, and Let's Knit2gether.  I look forward to long drives where I can listen to several in a row, or ten hours' worth. I also dig some seventies tunes, like Electric Light Orchestra, and Earth, Wind & Fire.

Last Saturday my family participated in our local Adopt-a-Highway Festival.  That means we park at the side of the highway and pick up all the garbage that folks leave at the road's edge.  Here are some things we found: a camera, fishing lures, a skeleton of a four legged type, diapers (dirty and swollen), the entire grille of a Range Rover, an enema,  a can of brake cleaner, overdue bills, mini-me vodka bottles, poop, Gatorade bottles, a tire, and a Christmas tree.  And ticks, scads of them.  And when I arrived back at my truck some local children had left little mud pies on my bumper.  :o)

How are these two things related? 

When we got home my son went to get his cell phone out of the truck, and it was missing.  We searched high and low, took everything out, no phone.  And then we discovered my ipod was also missing.  And then I put two and three together, and considered maybe the mud pie makers were also little thieves.  :o(

I quickly stopped service to the phone, and my son and I combed the highway to make sure we had not simultaneously dropped our electronics from the vehicle.  We went by the police station to report our situation.  My son's connection to the outside world was missing.  My knitting podcasts were gone.  There was a tick-picking party at our house and we were missing it. It's all in the police report.

Quick page-flip forward to the happy ending:  through daily visits to the homes of the Mud Pie Thieves, by Wednesday our story's hero, Officer Small Town, managed to wrangle our electronics from their muddy little paws and deliver them to our door.

I delight in the notion that they plugged into my ipod to find not Eminem, not Katy Perry's Teenage Dream, but Kathy and Steve Elkin's radio show all about yarn.  To a pair of thrill-seeking sixth graders, it was probably about as interesting as a radio show about rice. 

I'll be taking all my knit-podcasting friends to Virginia with me in a few days, a fourteen hour trip, listening to "Happy Feeling" by Earth, Wind, and Fire.


Elizabeth said...

Sheesh! Glad you got your devices back. Have you listened to the Knitajourney podcast? I think you would really, really like it.

craftivore said...

Only in NH would they be able to track mud pie thieves.

Brendaknits said...

WOW. Congratulations Officer Small town. The mud pie crew must have been on his radar form previous antics.

jeni said...

Well done Small Town Officer. Ours came in very handy that one time the cat was kidnapped......