Monday, April 4, 2016

Scotland, a Pattern, and a Lambcam

I'm home from Scotland, what a Grand trip! I spent a week in Edinburgh with friends Thea Colman, Kirsten Kapur, and Sonya Philip.  We explored a castle, and roamed the streets, cemeteries, and alleys. We spent two glorious days at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival.  And we met people, the folks I call my invisible internet friends, and hugged them in real life. Above all, the people are always my favorite part of an adventure.

I stayed on a little longer than my roomies, spending a few extra days with my friend Jeni and her husband Archie, a visit long overdue. We visited the Verdant Works Textile Museum (heaven for me, including the smell). I have a thing for equipment and moving parts. 

chain stitch industrial machine

skein winder for which I pine 

an early automated loom
 The Great Tapestry of Scotland was on display while we were there -- mind blowing embroidery.

 You can see more photos from the trip on my Instagram account.

My etsy store is open again, featuring my first sewing pattern, The Ann Carolyn Smock. Thanks everyone for your encouragement and your patience. The making of this pattern was labor intensive, but a great deal of fun learning. I want to make more sewing patterns!

This weekend, April 9th at 8PM, Tammy from A Wing and a Prayer Farm will be live on her lambcam. If you visit her blog and leave a comment you will be entered to win either my Ann Carolyn Smock pattern or my Fried Chicken Mittens two-at-a-time pattern + a skein of mitten yarn! You can find more details about her lambcam there and her life as a farmer. She gets a lot done.

Wishing you an excellent week.


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

I bet you were smiling ear to ear the whole time at that museum . It makes me smile just to imagine the scene! Congrats on the pattern and yeay!! Love how you photographed it, too. XOX

Beverly said...

I'm so excited to stitch my pattern! Your trip sounds like a ball--and I can just imagine how much fun you had! Yay, you!! xxx

Kirsten said...

Love the smock! So excited that you are publishing sewing patterns now too.
It was such a joy to hang out with you in Edinburgh. xo

Mary Lou said...

Oh! The Tapestry!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a trip of a lifetime, what a lot of work you've had on your plate of late! Thank you SO much for your sponsorship, Ellen! A flock/parade of your fans were clamoring for a chance at the patterns! It was such a beautiful thing to share with everyone. Can't wait to meet in person, in May, soon! - Tammy

Janet McKee said...

Great explorations in Edinburgh. Hope you touched down at the Elephant and Castle.