Tuesday, June 23, 2015

PEI and Belfast Mini Mills

While visiting Prince Edward Island recently I had the pleasure of touring Belfast Mini Mills. I encourage you to explore their website and watch the video below. They design and build milling equipment capable of processing small batches, using less space than traditional milling equipment and less water. My friend Jani of Starcroft Fiber has a Belfast Mini Mill with which she spins her Nash Island fleece.

 There are sheep and a guard llama that greet visitors at the farm.

 And there is a peacock with a whole lot to say.

This is their dye set up: I want to recreate this inner colander on a pulley on small scale for my dye stove.

Fiber going into the carder comes out like ...


And then it is spun and sent through a steamer that looks like a cannon. A yarn cannon.

The company store has hand crafted items as well as yarn and books and tools.

I often boast that I'm not at risk of over-purchasing when I head off to a yarn event. I typically come home with one or two skeins of yarn and a big smile.  I'm afraid my bragging rights are gone after this trip.

It's easy to see where the folks at Belfast Mini Mills get their color palette. I am a big fan of bright colors, especially as today's trend leans toward neutrals.

I grinned the whole eight miles across the bridge to the mainland. My mud smeared truck was filled with sweet yarn and inspiration.


Mary Lou said...

Oooooh. So wonderful.

Rose said...

Looks like you had a wonderful trip!