Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Craft Friday

A :  Conversation at the table this week, my son's buddy, "I want to go Black Friday shopping just so I can say I have done it."
My son replied, "I want to not go Black Friday shopping just so I can say I have never done it."

Me too.

Beverly Army Williams of  PoMo Golightly has been collecting ideas, good reasons, and encouragement to adopt Craft Friday. Take a look.

B :  Christmas tree erection in this household is, I think, seen as a chore by all. We have begun to pride ourselves on waiting until December 23 and dragging home a ramshackle tree of questionable pedigree. Then we ridicule each other for our decorating approach or lack thereof or poor participation score. Last year my youngest drove alone into the woods, cut an impaired tree, mounted it on the porch, and decorated it with only his handmade ornaments and some photos of himself. It was kind of fantastic.

C :  Someday I hope to devise a tree like structure, you know, an artful collection of sticks, or a clever pile of wire or a cardboard cutout, whatever, that we can hang ornaments on. I have been pinning images on my 'There's no place like home' Pinterest board

Put it all together, and:

On Thanksgiving night, after all the people are tucked in their beds, the monsters under the beds will sneak about and drop ornament making supplies on the table. We will likely have plenty of folks passing through, sitting down at the table in transition, possibly eating a snack. Surely they will not be able to resist the urge to make a little something. And then they can hang it on our tree, whatever form it takes.

Wishing you and yours a Warm and Peaceful Thanksgiving. Thanks for dropping by here, too.


Amy said...

You are the best :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Beverly said...

I love your approach to Christmas tree-ing! I can't wait to see what you all create!!

Mary Lou said...

tlyumowasWhat a good son! When we have a tree (usually a clump of pine branches in some wet sand) I don't even put it up until Christmas Eve. I look forward to seeing yours, and knowing we are soul sisters in the tree realm. Among others.