Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Stitcher's Wardrobe: Brooches and Hankies

I am a sucker for vintage brooches and hankies. They are inexpensive and charming, and easily found at thrift shops, antique stores, and flea markets. 

A brooch adds light and whimsy to any outfit. 

A hanky is a practical accessory and a most thoughtful gift for a girlfriend, especially a girlfriend who is hurting. I keep a stack clean and pressed for gifting. Slip a pretty number into the hand of a dear before a funeral -- actions are easier than words.

Checking in on my year's To Do list, I have loads of good fun ahead of me, and some behind me: 

Old skills: Hand knit and write patterns, machine knit, screen print, sew on the Berninaserge with the Husqvarnaserge and mock chain on the Siruba, acid dyefiber reactive dye, weave, *spin, paint, full or felt, trim, thriftreclaim or refashion.

New challenges: Discharge print, design my own fabric at Spoonflower, embroider, crochet, pompom & tassel, applique & patchwork.

Garments: *Cardigan sweater, sweater vest, pullover sweater, scarf, hat, mittens, coat, dress, shirt, skirt, *leggings, tee, pants, *socks, slip, undershirt, bike shorts, apron, handkerchief, and brooch.

* work in progress

Pants. Why did I say pants?


Mary Lou said...

I have a box of my grandmother's hankies. I have (for many years) planned a quilt or something with them. Well, planned is too big a word. Fantasized briefly? And I have some great brooches from an aunt- I have to remember to use them more.

judy said...

Love love cloth hankies. I've collected them for years. Used to be hankies for every occasion. Fun!

Samantha said...

Pants…..pants…..pants…. ugh. I know I'm going to have to address this garment some day in the not too distant future…. Perhaps we could have a pants making support group?

Ellen Mason said...

Hello, my name is Ellen. I have a problem with my pants ...