Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Stitcher's Wardrobe

My household is a textile theme park. My husband says I am poised for anything.  He's right.

I have a long history with textiles (we all do, really), and for each topic I explore I pick up the necessary equipment.  I am happy to say I have a good deal of experience with each of my purchases -- I am not simply a consumer, I dive deep into the process.  But like most artists, I move into another phase. Then the equipment sadly goes dormant.

I miss my old friends. My loom waits in a place of honor, ready at a moment's notice to get to work.

My press is empty and turns smoothly, and the flash cure unit simply needs to be plugged in. 

My spinning wheel is featured in our living area, such a beautiful piece it is.

My knitting machine is back in action, but we need a get-reconnected therapy session.  My sewing machines are ready for more action, including some unusual fabrics.

My dyes, dyepots, and scale are well organized and I have new lighting in my dye space, too.

Here is my Groundhog Day 2015 Goal:
A well rounded wardrobe of basics and not-so-basics, fashioned from the bountiful textile amusements I have been hankering.

I have a checklist of comforting old skills to cover:
hand knit and write patterns
machine knit
screen print
sew on the Bernina
serge with the Husqvarna
serge and mock chain on the Siruba
acid dye
fiber reactive dye
full or felt
reclaim or refashion

Plus a checklist of some new challenges:
discharge print
design my own fabric at Spoonflower
pompom & tassel
applique & patchwork

And I have a checklist of garments and accessories to be included in my wardrobe: 
cardigan sweater, sweater vest, pullover sweater, scarf, hat, mittens, coat, dress, shirt, skirt, leggings, tee, pants, socks, slip, undershirt, bike shorts, apron, handkerchief, and brooch.

I feel sure there will be more than one of some garments (I love a study, after all), and some projects will check more than one item off the list of techniques.

Someday is finally here. Hooray!.


Emily B. said...

Wow, Ellen, that is an amazing goal! I am going to be cheering you on from the sidelines right here and following along on your adventures. I can't wait to see what you create!

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

You are my dream playmate! My goal for 2014 is to come visit again and watch all that you are up to.

Mary Lou said...

That is a dream playhouse, Gale is right. I don't even know what all of it is for! I taught a basic pom pom class that people came to in a snowstorm! That's a niche waiting to be filled. You could make fantastic ones I am sure.

cal said...

awesome goal! i love everything going on here! can't wait to see...