Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dress + Cardigan: Installment 4

When I started posting here on blogger I promised myself I would never punish myself for gaps in posting, for it would be self defeating.  This is me, telling myself it is okay to have experienced a gap, not really convincing myself that it is okay.

Moving on ...

Dress no. 4 is complete.  Worn here by the lovely Spongecake, a newcomer to my dressform collection.  The pattern is self drafted.

The front button band is flanked by three lines of double needle stitching.

I have included three snaps in the skirt area to make it easier to slip the dress over my head.  If I had it to do again (which I do - there are two more of these cut), I would either add three more buttons or continue the buttons to the hem. Glad I tried, now I know.

And here is installment 4 of 12 in my Dress + Cardigan project (8 more by February 2 ... that's doable, yes?)  This is Sarah Ann, built for my daughter.  This one is knit in a superwash by WEBS.  The rooflike texture is a modification of a Barbara Walker stitch pattern.  Pattern to follow this summer.

Dolly has arms now, made with Romex, duct tape and pipe insulation (remind me to replace the pipe insulation I pilfered from the hot water pipes in the basement, will you?).  She is posing like one of the fellows from Monty Python.

I've been going places lately, doing things.  Here's a shot from last weekend - a blueberry barren way, way up in Maine.  Can you guess where I've been?


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Love this dress & cardi combo ( love ALL of them to be honest.
When I look at the blueberry barrens I can just picture you running into there and doing a handstand.....

Thea said...


Kathy said...

I love the idea of dress and cardigan combos, too! I am loving your series of them. Finding this has confirmed that I will be sewing a few dresses this summer.