Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I like tights

This is what I wore today in my imagination.  I do own that sweater and the purple tights.  The shirt and the skirt with the hip pocket and the foxy belt, those are my imaginary clothes.

I like tights.  I especially like tights with no feet.  I also like leggings. Recently my caboose was taken by eminent domain. I didn't give much of a fight. A much larger caboose took over. The tights are earning their keep, and I sometimes wonder if a fire might ignite when I get to walking fast.

Anyway, I hope you like the clothes you're wearing in your imagination.


Thea said...

A. you look very cute in your imaginary outfit.

B. Am cracking up at the caboose thing.

C. Am wearing tights today for same reason


craftivore said...

Tee hee, I'm sure your just as beautiful even if there is some extra junk in your trunk. I love tights too. My favorite ones are footless ones from Smart Wool.

jeni/magnusmog said...

Do you have Uniglo in the US? I'm in love with their "thermal leggings" they are like really thick, footless ribbed tights and come in lovely colours. xx

Mary Lou said...

I was just shopping for leggings for my beautiful 6 foot tall niece. I want to find striped leggings like Hannah Anderson has, but for us grown ups. My trunk is a bit junky these days too. Ah, mid life.

Anonymous said...

Any Christmas knitting that you can share? If not gift knitting, is there something beautiful that will find it's way into your closet on your needles right now?