Monday, April 11, 2011

It's Been Wicked Recently

The word "wicked" is back in style here in New England.  It was very popular back in the 70's, along with "cunnin' " (meaning charming or cute) and "dungarees".  The Encarta World English Dictionary defines wicked as, 1. very bad, 2. mischievous, 3. mean, 4. very good, 5. dangerous, 6. distressing, and 7. disgusting.  Pretty much, wicked can be defined as whatever one pleases, and very much so.

My girlfriends and I went on a field trip recently to Starcroft Fiber Mill.  Jani and Leah shared their heavenly woolly hideout, a workshop filled with fluff, wicked cool machinery, and scads of yarn.  There is a large closet sized room in their workshop that serves like a silo for the freshly washed and picked wool (it shoots into the room through a hole in the wall).  That's all the room does - hold the fresh fluff.  A room full of fresh woolly fluff.  It's the crack house of wool addicts.

Wicked Fluffy

Wicked Cool

Wicked Temptation
Some of that orange followed me home.  Thank you Jani and Leah for sharing your time and your digs, and mostly yourselves.  My family might be tired of me talking about our visit.

Recently, I had the devine pleasure of meeting in the flesh my invisible internet friend Jeni from Scotland.  We did all things girlfriends should do together, including thrifting, where I scored this sweater guard:

Wicked Lucky

I turn my nose up at used shoes, but used boots?  I think they're better than new.  Welcome home black boots (a recent eBay purchase).

Twice as Wicked
 And recent wicked good news from Fiber College:  I will be teaching an MX Dye Workshop in September!  Please join us!  It will be wicked fun and you'll go home with wicked cool yarn, lots of it.

FOUND:  one ball of Eco + yarn.  Thank you Astrig, you are wicked excellent.  I'm so glad my missing poster worked!  I was going to call the milk carton people next.


Elizabeth said...

Ooooh -- if I had been there, I'd have arm-wrestled you for the orange. That's like fresh-squeezed orange juice in a yarn. Do you think the sweater pin and the yarn will end up together?

magnusmog said...

It was great fun - I want to help with the sheep next time!

kimmiekat said...

You found the Eco+? Fantastic. I was telling my knit night buddies last week about how you had lost a 400yds+ skein, which was so funny to read about on Ravelry. I just finished darning in the ends of my Lorna Suzanne last night, made in Quince & Co's honey Lark. Great pattern!

Brenda said...

Wicked cool post.

Ellen Mason said...

Eliz - I would've taken you in the arm-wrestling match. The yarn has morphed from a sixties inspired funnel neck to a fifties inspired cardi (again?), so yeah, that sweater guard will be perfect!

craftivore said...

That orange yarn is wicked awesome indeed. But was any of it cunning? I bet you look quite cunning in those boots.

sadie said...

It's a sweater gaurd coup!
Loving the orange, you will wear it well, orange makes me look like I need a new liver , so I will live precariously through your new squash colored sweater gaurded sweater!
And the boots.
I am covetting in the worst way.

Ellen Mason said...

S.Adie - I'll probably look like I need a new liver too ... I'll be sure to not wear it to a bar ... scratch that, I will wear it to a bar and likely no one will mess with me. There's a veteran drinker. Oh, and the sweater guards, I found the motherlode last weekend. :o)

mary jane said...